Former Mississippi casino employee likely off to jail following theft

Former Mississippi casino employee likely off to jail following theft

A former employee at Peral River Resort admits to stealing $10,800 from the casino

According to Acting US Attorney Darren J. LaMarca, Reginal Brown, 36, a former employee of the Pearl River Resort – Silver Star Casino pleaded guilty Sunday to a federal indictment in connection with a robbery by an employee of a gaming establishment on Indian lands. Multiple reports report that, in early 2016, Brown improperly used his password to take a total of $10,800 from the resort’s cash recyclers over a four-month period without permission. He has now admitted to the theft and will be sentenced at a later date.

After several accounting analyses, management noticed several discrepancies that made them realize that Brown was responsible for the crime. After Choctaw Police Department investigators had a conversation with Brown, the now ex-employee decided to admit that he was responsible for making the money disappear and using it for his own benefit. In late 2018, Brown was formally indicted by a federal grand jury.
LaMarca stated, “Federal law imposes severe penalties for crimes committed at licensed gaming establishments. The great potential for misconduct in these environments requires constant vigilance and self-discipline by those entrusted with the operation of casinos.”
US District Judge Kristi H. Johnson will now hand down justice on July 7, and it is anticipated that the defendant could face a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $1,000,000 fine.

The misuse of credentials in establishments such as these has not ceased to be common over the years. This is why casino security has increased exponentially in order to put an end to related practices by both employees and customers.

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