eSports veterans launch new initiative to help aspiring professionals in the industry

eSports veterans launch new initiative to help aspiring professionals in the industry

The new Esports Certification Institute will increase opportunities for careers in eSports

Today in the world of eSports there are many players who have developed so much that they can be considered professionals in many areas of video games, others, on the other hand, are just starting and aspire to be a great recognized star in the eyes of this community. Whatever the case may be, that professionalism can now be endorsed by means of a certificate, something similar to when you study at a college or university. The Esports Certification Institute (ECI) is an innovative organization that seeks to provide education, guidance and ultimately certification to aspiring industry professionals, which was officially announced and established yesterday.

The goal of this international organization is to provide the necessary tools for people who do not yet have vast experience or are just entering the industry, so they can have a better development when it comes to becoming professionals. Through an examination system that rewards users with a special membership, many necessary skills can be provided to professionals, and this includes any member of the community, whether a novice or an established professional.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Esports Certification Institute, a Public Benefit Corporation created to foster professionalism, promote meritocracy, and increase diversity and inclusion in esports. ECI was created to give another path into esports for industry hopefuls,” the organization shared via its Twitter account.

The idea of the 12-question multiple-choice exam is to be able to assess what a person’s current knowledge of eSports is on a general level, a process similar to standard certifications today. Once the exam is completed and certification is obtained, many opportunities for users could be created in order to gain a better understanding of the industry.

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