Esports Certification Institute halts its plans just days after announcing program

Esports Certification Institute halts its plans just days after announcing program

Massive backlash forces the founders of the eSports initiative to call things off

It seems that the illusion of many novices and some advanced players in the eSports industry to obtain a certification to give a little more formality to their skills has been dashed. A few days ago the international company Esports Certification Institute (ECI) had officially announced that it was planning to launch a program that would provide eSports certification at a cost of $400. However, it seems that this decision has now changed course. The company announced shortly afterward that it has come to a conclusion to suspend the plans and refund the money to all those who had already officially enrolled in the program.

The idea was to implement a program that would provide a certificate at the end of the course, while at the same time providing the necessary tools to people who do not yet have a lot of experience or who have just entered the industry so that they can have a better development when it comes to becoming professionals. According to reports, the decision to reverse course is due to the strong criticism the program received from both the eSports industry and the community at large.

Ryan Friedman, the co-founder of ECI, took to social media to explain why the company no longer decided to continue with this project, stating, “We appreciate the feedback that everyone has given, and we’ve made the decision to take down the ECI certification. While I still firmly believe that esports can benefit from improvements in the hiring process, what we offered clearly was not the right course of action.”

In a communications thread via Twitter, the company apologized for the inconvenience while thanking the community for their feedback. It is currently in the process of refunding money so that no one is harmed by this last-minute decision.

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