Common mistakes to avoid in Pot-Limit Omaha

Common mistakes to avoid in Pot-Limit Omaha

Adjusting how you play PLO after getting used to Texas Hold’em requires avoiding pitfalls

Although the popularity of Texas Hold ‘Em seems to be unbeatable, the arrival of Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) as a poker variable has also had a great deal of support from the community. It is true that perhaps many players do not like the routine and, therefore, also look for other options that can help them to have a constant variation in order to continue enjoying this wonderful game. However, as in any other game, PLO requires a lot of strategies and tactics to be victorious. Therefore, you also need to be careful with the mistakes that are common.

Although mistakes can help you learn from them and not make them in the future, in a game where you have your money at stake, it is more viable to avoid them at all costs in the first place if possible. Many players who are just learning to play PLO are going to be very prone to making mistakes; this is not a sin, as negative experiences can bring positive results later on.

For starters, overvaluing pairs is something that is very common among novice players, and this is a mistake that should always be avoided. It is no secret that a pair of Aces is considered an excellent hand, but it becomes the opposite when you are facing a flop with a lot of draws. There are players who turn a blind eye to this factor and still consider that betting on this pair is a great option. Keep in mind that hands that can be considered strong in Texas Hold ‘Em are not exactly strong in PLO.

When it comes to betting, many players also make many mistakes. It is true that reading hands in a PLO game can be difficult, but many players choose to indicate their relative strength by establishing betting patterns. If you know how to analyze a player’s preflop bets and compare them to their post-flop behavior, this can give you a good idea of what they have, essentially based on the difference between the two acts.

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