Coinbase advances in the eSports space as sponsor of the BLAST Premier competition

Coinbase advances in the eSports space as sponsor of the BLAST Premier competition

The cryptocurrency exchange is expanding its interest in eSports activity

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase seems to have many important plans for the future, among which a public listing is expected in a couple of weeks. For the moment, however, there has been great interest in immersing itself in the eSports universe and it wants to do so through a couple of sponsorship agreements. These start with an alliance with the famous Evil Geniuses team, and end with a recently announced partnership with the tournament organizer BLAST.

There is no doubt that with these agreements begins a new era where the world of cryptocurrencies and eSports begin to have a new relationship that can lead to many general benefits in the future and it is no secret that both industries have grown exponentially in recent years. Coinbase will now be sponsoring the upcoming spring season of the European organizer’s BLAST premier and the deal was shared with the public yesterday.

As part of the schedule, the spring showdown will take place April 13-18 and the final is scheduled to take place June 15-20. A total of seven events will be covered and an amount of about $2.475 million has been said to be the prize pool. On the other hand, the association with Evil Geniuses has not been officially confirmed but in a recent tweet shared by the team, they made an important mention of Coinbase.

This is not the first time professional eSports teams and leagues have signed sponsors related to the blockchain industry in the past. Hdac Technology was a clear example when it decided to sponsor G2 Esports and BLAST a while back. In addition, many efforts developed by these firms have sought to find initiatives for eSports users to have the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrencies.

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