C.J. Gardner-Johnson leads the way in performance-based bonuses for the New Orleans Saints

C.J. Gardner-Johnson leads the way in performance-based bonuses for the New Orleans Saints

A look at who’s picking up the most extra cash for the Saints puts the safety at the top

The performance of each player is crucial to be able to lead a team to success, especially in a league like the NFL. That is why many bonuses are paid to reward these performances, which greatly motivates players to continue to grow professionally. In the case of the New Orleans Saints, there is no doubt that C.J. Gardner-Johnson was one of the best picks the team could have had in the 2019 draft. The safety, after seeing a second season of great solidity and stability, was compensated with a nice salary bonus, based on his great performance.

The idea of this bonus system, which was recently implemented in the league, is to reward all those players who may not have a large salary but have great participation in the games of each of their respective teams. Gardner-Johnson led a total of 40 teammates, earning the juiciest bonus payout of all. Last season, he was no slouch either, as he was able to lead the Saints in performance-based salaries then, as well. However, those earnings were doubled after taking on a more prominent role with the team.

Gardner-Johnson is now definitely being compared to the top 10 Saints players. As part of this famous bonus, he took home $549,038, the highest-paid player on the team, which is not at all surprising after seeing his unparalleled performance this past season. The Saints have expressed that they are very happy with a player who has delivered from day one, which means fans could see this player wearing the Black & Gold jersey for many more seasons to come.

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