$5 Million Venom PKO tournament is back from April 30th to May 12th

$5 Million Venom PKO tournament is back from April 30th to May 12th

Are you ready to roll with the punches? We’re bringing back the world’s biggest Progressive Knock Out tournament on Friday, April 30th. Of course, we’re taking about the multi-day $5 Million Venom PKO.

This will be our second Venom PKO. The first one also had $5 Million in guaranteed prize money, but the final prize pool swelled to a colossal $6,777,500 thanks to 2,711 entries. After all the blows were in the books, ‘Pinguinachica’ won the title and $477,815 in regular prize money plus $92,588 more in bounties!

If you’ve never played PKO tourneys, they’re like bounty tournaments on steroids. When you enter the Venom PKO, half of your buy-in goes into the prize pool and the other half funds your starting bounty. Whenever you knock someone out of the tournament, you win half their bounty and the other half goes on your head. That means the bounties grow rapidly as the game goes on.

With so many players expected to take part in the Venom PKO, you can clean up on bounties alone. As the tournament goes deep, you could land a single knockout punch worth $10,000 or more. That means you can cash in big-time even if you don’t reach the final table.

The $5 Million Venom PKO cost $2,650 to enter, runs April 30th to May 12th and has four Day 1 options. The other Day 1 flights are on May 2nd, 7th and 9th. The final table takes place on Wednesday, May 12th.

If $2,650 seems like too much of a hit on your wallet, there’s no need to throw in the towel. You can qualify for pennies on the dollar by taking advantage of our Venom PKO blitz steps, on demand steps, on demand skips, and Venom Fever satellites.

Ready to punch your way to the final table? Visit the promo page to learn more about the $5 Million Venom PKO.

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