South Dakota just one signature away from legalized sports gambling

South Dakota just one signature away from legalized sports gambling

Governor Kristi Noem holds the key to a legal sports gambling market in South Dakota

It seems that the state of South Dakota is getting closer to legalizing sports betting and, at this moment, bettors are waiting for one more signature to make that dream come true. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is the only person whose signature is necessary for the legislation to be fully approved.

On March 4, Senate Bill 44 didn’t find any further issue and passed the state’s House of Representatives by a vote of 58-8 after being already approved in the Senate the last month by a vote of 32-2. Based on the voting results, all indications are that the support for the legislation is very positive. It is clear that South Dakota is not recognized as a state with sports roots’ however, sports betting would be a great attraction to include in all of Deadwood’s resorts and casinos, with the intention of attracting more customers, and therefore more money.

South Dakota could become the first state in 2021 whose governor is waiting to receive the legislative proposal on her desk. This is not to imply, however, that the signature is guaranteed. In 2019, Noem said, “I’m not in favor of the expansion of gambling in the state of South Dakota. Early indications are pretty clear that opening upstate sports gambling to the public could end up costing us more than the actual revenue it would bring in. And so that’s a real concern for me. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.”

On the other hand, the rest of South Dakota’s residents disagree with their governor’s thinking, as at least 57% of voters supported the idea of allowing Deadwood casinos to be able to operate sportsbooks when they approved a ballot referendum in November of last year.

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