Sony patents a system that could convert a banana into a video game controller

Sony patents a system that could convert a banana into a video game controller

A quirky patent filing by the tech giant shows how everyday products could be video gaming devices

Of the many things that have been very difficult to imagine, there may now be the possibility of playing PlayStation using ordinary everyday objects, such as a banana. Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to make that happen after sending a strange request to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) asking to patent a system capable of turning ordinary objects or event food products into PlayStation controllers.

The patent says, “The system comprises an input unit operable to obtain images of a non-luminous passive object held by a user as a video game controller.” To give an idea of the concept and the system Sony is looking to implement, a banana and a few oranges were used as illustrations. “E.g., a player may hold two bananas – one in each respective hand; or e.g., two oranges – one in each respective hand,” it said. Even though the patent design shows two of the most common fruits, Sony has made it clear that the system could also work with various other objects, be it a tooth bud or even a glass of water.

As per Polygon, the patent also adds, “It would be desirable if a user could use an inexpensive, simple, and non-electronic device as a video game peripheral.” As part of the system and the way it would work, an object detector and an object pose detector would be included, which will depend on the position of the hand that the user registers through a camera. The fact that Sony is filing this patent does not mean that the company will necessarily carry out the project. The patent only seeks that other competitors are unable to use the idea for the creation of a similar system.

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