New deep-learning tool allows video gamers to become part of the action

New deep-learning tool allows video gamers to become part of the action

MeInGame takes advantage of artificial intelligence to add gamers faces to video games

For the last couple of years, the gaming experience has massively increased thanks to the new techniques implemented by computer scientists and developers. This has made video games very realistic and engaging for the user and, as part of this awesome gaming era, methods that allow video games to create characters inspired by real people are now also included.

Many players will now have the chance to create and customize characters by just simply adjusting the features of their character’s face manually, so that they can manage to recreate whatever face they want. In order to expedite that process, many developers have recently tried to adjust that method so it can be automatically done by just making an analysis of real people’s faces. But, on some occasions, the final result might not be the desired one since sometimes the face isn’t always reproduced in a realistic way.

In order to improve and get those common issues corrected, MeInGame was recently placed on the market, created by researchers from the University of Michigan and Netease Fuxi AI Lab. It has the ability to create character faces by analyzing a single image of a person’s face, and it’s all automatic. This deep learning technique is intended to be integrated into most existing 3D video games with no issue at all.

in a paper pre-published on arXiv, the three researchers, Zhengxia Zou, Jiangke Lin, and Yi Yuan wrote, “We propose an automatic character face creation method that predicts both facial shape and texture from a single portrait, and can be integrated into most existing 3D games.” It’s hard to imagine anything better than someone seeing himself or herself as a real Call of Duty soldier.

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