How to deal with cold four-bets in Texas Hold’em

How to deal with cold four-bets in Texas Hold’em

Figuring out how to respond to repeat raises is a constant challenge in poker

Something that has always been considered crucial while playing a large buy-in event is to try to take as much advantage as you can regarding your position, while always making sure at the same time that you aren’t getting too abused when you don’t have control of it. Having a solid grasp on Texas Hold’em strategies will help when dealing with repeat raises. They don’t happen often but, when they do, players need to be prepared.

Consider a strong, loose-aggressive opponent coming into the hand and raising from the hijack seat to 5,000 out of his 100,000-stack at 800-1,600. A second player then makes a three-bet to 11,000 with suited 9-7 from the button and, following that, a third strong loose-aggressive player decides to four-bet to 28,00 from the big blind. 

The second player shouldn’t even think twice and fold immediately. 

Some hands later, that same initial raiser decides to raise from the button to 4,000, and the second player also goes for it and makes it 12,800 out of his 90,000 stack from the small blind with suited A-J. Calling in this situation can be considered as a viable play due to the fact that, if you get a four-bet, you are going to be in a tricky spot. With that already known, since the second player was three-betting, he can now be very confident that he could profitably go all-in for 90,000 against this opponent if he decides to four-bet. 

In this second scenario, the second player was getting around 2.5:1 pot odds, so calling should always be into consideration. The issue with that is that he would be out of position and, therefore, a lot of post-flop situations would be potentially faced, especially when he fails to connect with the board. This might be considered quite obvious, but still, learning how to respond to the different scenarios leads to a more focused approach and, often, more wins.


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