Canada’s casinos are playing with dirty money

Canada’s casinos are playing with dirty money

A study of casino cash around the world shows that Canadian casino money has more bacteria

A recent study was conducted to determine which of the 20 participating countries carried the most bacteria in cash, and Canada came out on top. This study was in charge of analyzing which of the banknotes had the highest number of germs, and the results were not at all favorable for the Great White North, where more than 209 bacterial colonies were found in a single typical banknote. The review was conducted by various microbiologists who are experts in the field.

Second place went to Brazil, but it was still a far cry from the top of the list, with 118 colloids found. The list also included countries on the other side of the world, as Hongkong had 42 colonies, while the Philippine peso and the Indian rupee had just 14.

Many of the bacteria included in this study were Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, which can cause significant urinary tract infections, and Mucor Racemosus, which can cause a respiratory fungal infection. Even with the advent of the pandemic and the implementation of many health, it looks like the results were not that favorable. However, thanks to this, the use of cash has greatly diminished.

Canada has had an issue with dirty money for years, but most of it was centered around money laundering, not literal dirty money. An investigation that has been underway for more than five years continues to find new holes in Canada’s anti-money-laundering regulations where casinos are concerned. It now seems like the country isn’t capable of keeping its casino cash clean no matter how it might try.

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