The New Orleans Saints unlikely to sign any of the top 150 free agents

The New Orleans Saints unlikely to sign any of the top 150 free agents

A look at upcoming free agency activity doesn’t show a lot of positive moves for the Saints

The top-150 NFL free agents list has been recently released by Pro Football Focus (PFF). Some New Orleans Saints’ players were included on that list; however, none returned to the Big Easy.

PFF wasn’t only in charge of listing their top-15 free agents, but they also proactively gave suggestions to the teams, including what their next contract may look like and what team is likely to sign each of them. For the Saints, several players were headed elsewhere, but not a single free agent listed signed with the Black and Gold.

Players like Marcus Williams, Sheldon Rankins, Jameis Winston and Trey Hendrickson, were listed as top free agents, but unfortunately, none of them are likely to re-sign with the Saints. That means that, besides losing their free agents, New Orleans failed to get some extra talent to the team.

They have Hendrickson going to the Bills, Williams to the Jags, and Winston to the Colts. The Saints have the least cap space in the entire NFL, so, even if they wish to keep Winston and Hendricks, it’s clear to say that it will be quite impossible, as other franchises are going to be able to offer those talented starts way more.

Still, with the Saints already clearing $30 million by releasing Nick Easton and restructuring Drew Brees’ contract, there might be a small chance to make the necessary moves to open up the space for Winston and Hendrickson at least. Mickey Loomis has always known how to manage these situations, so there should be faith that he’ll be able to make those same moves this offseason.

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