Mississippi lawmakers make a case for online sports gambling

Mississippi lawmakers make a case for online sports gambling

The state sees dollar signs after Tennessee’s sports gambling market hit the ground running

It’s been a year already since a sports gambling market was launched in Tennessee. This state has no physical casinos, so it took a mobile-only approach, making it more a bonus than anything. Still, the reactions, as well as the numbers, were positive for the state, since the sportsbooks took in $312.3 million in wagers in the first two operational months and this helped Tennessee to get a total of $5.4 million in tax revenue. After checking those numbers, Mississippi is getting envious, so two state lawmakers are now taking action and they have introduced bills to allow mobile sportsbooks in the state. These efforts are led by two senators, Scott Delano and Phillip Moran.

The senators are looking to introduce mobile sports gambling since the activity is only limited through physical casinos. The proposal from both bills (Senate Bills 2732 and 2396) is very clear and straightforward. All those casinos owning sportsbooks licenses would have the possibility to partner with companies that offer mobile sportsbooks solutions, so that they can easily get into online sports gambling.

In order to get this in the right direction, the bills need to be approved by Governor Tate Reeves and Even Moran thinks this won’t be an easy job, and shared the following comment, “I would certainly love to get a bill out of committee, to bring it to the floor and discuss it, though it takes a while, nothing happens overnight.”

This initiative is just getting started, meaning that a quick resolution isn’t likely. The state might not have this ready by the time the Super Bowl gets started, but it’s possible that Mississippi will have this mobile sports gambling functioning before the end of 2021.

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