How to play the river in Texas Hold’em

How to play the river in Texas Hold’em

When fifth street comes around, a different strategy is needed

It might not be known by some poker players, but the river could be a distinctive street to play in Texas Hold’em because there’s no potential for participating players to boost their hands. The last card has been dealt, and, if possible, players are forced to form the most effective 5-card hand, despite how bad those hands could be.
At this point, a different strategy is needed to win the pot.

To start off on the right foot, never bet marginal hands. This is considered the worst mistake a player can ever make in Texas Hold‘em. If you are unsure whether to bet with the hand you currently have, don’t do it. it’s always better to check than bet, so that way you give the opportunity to your opponent to bluff.

But if this is not the case, and if you think you have the best hand, bet big. Chances are, you get called less often, but still, you’ll be making more money in the long-term. Also, be careful when bluffing on the river. This is another common mistake done by new players, and the bigger problem with this is that they come out of nowhere. Therefore, they look out of place in the hand. It’s always important to keep in mind how the rest of the hand played out before even thinking about bluffing the river.

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