Chinese eSports teams banned from Dota 2 for cheating

Chinese eSports teams banned from Dota 2 for cheating

The two teams were busted by Valve for fixing a high-profile Dota 2 match

It’s game over for two eSports organizations out of China and they’re now going to have to find some other way to spend their time following a disqualification from future Dota 2 tournaments. The two, Newbee and Avengerls, were busted by Valve and its Chinese partner, Perfect World Entertainment, for fixing a match that found them pitted against each other and it didn’t take long for the organizers to uncover the cheating plot.

Newbee was once considered a “dream team” in the eSports world, but the match-fixing scandal is going to knock them down a few pegs. The team has received a lifetime ban from participating in any Dota 2 events, and five of its players, Moogy, AQ, Wizard, Waixi and Faith won’t be able to try to find new teams to play with – they’re banned for life, as well. Newbee had previously been banned for match-fixing in China by the Chinese Dota 2 Professional Association, but Valve didn’t follow that ban and the team was allowed to play in The International. Valve might now be wishing it had paid closer attention to the previous outcome.

Because Newbee rigged a match with Avengerls, the latter also received the same lifetime ban. An announcement about the ban didn’t include the players’ nicknames.

Dota 2 seems to have a match-fixing issue that it needs to get under control. This past October, Australian Dota 2 tournament organizer and commentator David Parker pointed out the problem, asserting, “I think match-fixing in Dota 2 is far more rampant, far more common, than anybody even realizes. I’ve heard allegations that 75% of the teams in Southeast Asia are involved in it.”

With that type of widespread cheating going on, it’s no surprise the International Olympic Committee isn’t ready to make eSports an Olympic game.

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