Elon Musk has a prediction about cryptocurrency and Mars

Elon Musk has a prediction about cryptocurrency and Mars

Should man settle on Mars, cryptocurrency is going to be the only currency used

When it comes time for man to jump the universal horizon and set up camp permanently on Mars, there will come a time that money will be needed. It won’t be one of the first issues – early settlers won’t be able to visit a local Starbucks or Walmart Super Center – but, when Mars exits what could be considered its own version of the Wild Wild West, money will have to be introduced. According to Elon Musk, there’s only one type of money that makes sense and he asserted on Twitter recently that Mars will be the first planet to run on cryptocurrency.

Musk has long envisioned a time that man permanently settled on the Red Planet and has already created his design for governments. He believes that the first humans could begin to arrive in 2026 and plans to help make that dream come true, but also admits that the initial death rate on the planet will most likely be high. Still, once everything is up and running and things calm down, the natural progress that has been seen across settlements on this planet will be seen on Mars, as well.

Just before Christmas, Twitter began to debate Mars and crypto when Musk chimed in with his crypto prediction. Always a strong supporter of Dogecoin, a crypto that began as a joke but which ended up becoming hugely popular, Musk thinks that, perhaps, Mars needs its own currency. He replied to a tweet about the subject of a Mars crypto with a single-word response, “Marscoin.”

A lot can happen between now and 2026, but it is already obvious that, here on Earth, crypto is gaining ground by leaps and bounds. If Musk is able to colonize Mars in six years as he wants, there’s a good chance that the entire currency structure on this planet will look a lot different than it currently does.

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