What it means to “run it twice” in Texas Hold’em

What it means to “run it twice” in Texas Hold’em

Running it twice in poker can be a great way to win – or lose – a lot of cash

Some poker rooms, as well as poker sites, around the world allow what is known as “running it twice” in poker events. It is a concept that should be understood by new players, in case it comes up in a game of Texas Hold’em that they might play at some point so they will know how to react. Running it twice essentially means that all players active in the hand agree that the rest of the hand is dealt twice, and the pot is split. Whoever wins the first hand gets the first part of the pot before the split and the winner of the second round, after the split, will get the second part.

There are a few conditions that have to come together in order for players to decide to run it twice, with the first one being, of course, that the poker room or site allows it. Secondly, all of the players in the hand have to have gone all-in prior to running it twice. Lastly, all active players in the hand have to agree to the option. In this scenario, a player could lose both boards and walk away with nothing, win one and lose one to get at least part of the pot, or win both times and get the whole pot.

Online poker sites will usually list this rule, if it is allowed, in their terms and conditions but you might have to ask in land-based poker rooms if it’s possible. It’s a good resource to use at some point, and some scenarios would even allow it to be used even more than just twice. However, this happens only on very limited occasions. Obviously, in private games, the players can decide to run it twice or even five times.

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