Player Pops $95k Jackpot After Hitting Trip Sevens of Diamonds on Live Dealer Blackjack

Player Pops $95k Jackpot After Hitting Trip Sevens of Diamonds on Live Dealer Blackjack

Don’t let the pandemic keep you from a major casino victory. The Blackjack tables are wide open at Americas Cardroom, and people are winning. We’re talking big, big money.

Just look at what happened this week for proof. On Monday, November 16th shortly after 2pm ET, a player named MR2SALTY4YA was dealt three 7 of Diamonds at the Live Dealer Blackjack tables. Because he had placed a $1 side bet, he popped a $95,000 jackpot.

The big win couldn’t have come at a better time, nor could it have happened to a more deserving guy. In the live table chat with the dealer and other players seated at the table, MR2SALTY4YA noted that the Diamond Jackpot win occurred on his birthday.

If you didn’t catch it live, here’s what happened at the tables right after the trip sevens hit the felt.

MrSalty: no fuking way
MrSalty: is this real
MrSalty: no way
cachades: What happened?
MrSalty: I won 95,000 dollars with 3 7’s
MrSalty: OMG
cachades: Did you bet it
MrSalty: yes
MrSalty: Today is my birthday too!!!!
cachades: Congratulations
cachades: Wow
MrSalty: This is insane
MrSalty: i cannot believe this
cachades: Nice win
MrSalty: I am sending you nice bottle of wine Kimmy!
MrSalty: Thank you
MrSalty: all 3 7 of diamonds too is pretty crazy

So how will MR2SALTY4YA spend the money? Maybe not on a birthday present. But he might spend it on someone’s birth. MR2SALTY4YA noted that he and his wife, whom we assume is named MRS SALTY, are expecting a baby in the new year. The $95,000 should definitely help them with diapers and a lot more.

After the big win, the winner tipped the dealer (Kimmy) $500. He also promised to name his first-born daughter after her. Definitely a class act.

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