Illinois casinos are closing once again because of COVID-19

Illinois casinos are closing once again because of COVID-19

The state has seen a recent climb of positive coronavirus cases, forcing casinos to be shut down

Across different parts of the US, the number of positive COVID-19 tests are on the rise once again. The past several weeks have brought spikes in the coronavirus that have forced governments and health officials to alter their attempts to put the local economies back in order, and Illinois will now join them. Starting this Friday, casinos in the state will be closed for at least two weeks as health officials scramble to keep a bad situation from getting worse.

Illinois has seen a new COVID-19 daily average above 12,000 across the past week, an upward trend that has been seen for a little more than a month. Casinos were allowed to reopen this past July at 50%, but were then forced to reduce their numbers to 25% as new positive test results started to appear. Now, it’s back to zero and casinos will have to wait longer to start recovering from the pandemic.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker and health officials are going to shut down certain activities, like casinos and public gatherings, at two-week intervals. If, at the end of the period, there is a substantial decline in the number of new cases, then reopenings may be allowed. If there isn’t, however, another 14-day lockdown will be implemented. This cycle will reportedly continue until the decline appears.

Pritzker said in a statement about the new measures, “To stop this spread and preserve some semblance of the holidays, all of us need to do more than just wear our masks now -– though masks are mandatory throughout the state. The simple fact is that COVID-19 is spreading so quickly and so widely, and our hospitals are beginning to experience real strain, and at the current infection rate they will be overwhelmed. So whenever possible, we need you to stay home.

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