Fortnite, other Epic video games can now include real-time facial expressions

Fortnite, other Epic video games can now include real-time facial expressions

Epic has acquired a tech startup that is going to lead to a whole new era of video game characteristics

Technology has brought consumers some amazing innovations over the years, and one of the latest advances has the potential to completely revolutionize video games, as well as the entire gaming industry. It will be courtesy of Epic Games, which has just acquired a tech startup, Hyprsense, and the possibilities are endless. Going forward, gamers who enjoy Fortnite and other titles will be able to incorporate real-time facial animation into their characters.

Epic hasn’t been vocal on the acquisition, but the concept will reportedly allow for the company’s Unreal game engine to receive a serious upgrade. Hyprsense explains, “Unreal Engine creators the ability to deploy and drive the most advanced character assets, on any platform.”

The Hyprsense software can track real facial movements and convert them for immediate use by video game characters. Considering the possibilities, this goes beyond just video game fun upgrades, but can also be incorporated into online strategy games, including poker. That would potentially bring online poker almost to the same level as its live alternative, potentially giving players the ability to read others at the table.

Hyprsense co-founder and CEO Jihun Yu says of the acquisition, “We are proud and excited to bring our character animation technology into the Epic Games ecosystem. Joining Epic gives us the opportunity to deliver new solutions and experiences on a massive scale. We are so grateful to the Hyprsense team for their tireless work to get us here, as well as our customers, partners and supportive investors.”

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