Exploring double gutshot strategies in Texas Hold’em

Exploring double gutshot strategies in Texas Hold’em

Gutshots in poker always make for exciting action, and double gutshots are even better

When playing Texas Hold’em, gutshots – also known as “inside straight draws” – are awesome when they hit. Getting a gutshot essentially means that a player has four cards to improve the draw. This may not be as sweet as an open-ended straight draw, and comes with longer odds, but gutshots can offer other qualities that make them appealing. In some cases, a hand might even have a double gutshot, so it is important that players understand how to alter their strategies when certain situations appear.

To have a better understanding of how a double gutshot would look, let’s say a flop brings a Q-10-6 combination and the pocket cards are 8-7. This is a gutshot because only a 9 turns the hand into a made-straight. However, with that same hand, having A-K is a gutshot since a J is needed to pick up the straight. Focusing only on the AK combination, which becomes quite hard to play when the flop comes with a gutshot, requires some other mixed strategies to get the most out of the hand

When holding pocket A-K, players need to pay attention to the range-vs.-range-equity estimates. Knowing how to play gutshots with this combination will provide a solid base to face other draws, like nut flush draws, with the same combination. Even though these hands have better chances of becoming a winning hand, a common mistake is to approach these cards with an aggressive response. When facing this scenario, the best strategy is a continuation bet (c-bet), which can help you gain momentum. However, it will depend on your position in a table – if you are the small blind, approach the hand carefully and don’t overextend yourself.

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