DNegs moves back on top in grudge match against Polk

DNegs moves back on top in grudge match against Polk

Negreanu now leads by a four buy-in margin in the ongoing battle

The heads-up battle between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk continues, with DNegs now taking a commanding lead. After the two poker pros almost had to delay the competition due to controversy begun by Bill Perkins, Negreanu has moved out in front, showing that he might just be the GOAT of both live and online poker.

Polk was seen as the favorite to win after the heads-up match moved online, but Negreanu had received a lot of support from the poker community, including from several players, such as Mike Matusow, who put money on him to win. DNegs is now up by a four-buy-in margin after hitting a $222,000 payday on Wednesday. Across a total of 2,965 hands, he leads overall by $155,206.89.

Negreanu got the latest session started by not letting Polk reach into his bag of tricks. With A-J, Polk tried to bluff his way to a big win, but Negreanu held firm after pairing his K on the river to take the pot. Shortly after, a check-shove by Polk after the river missed its mark as Negreanu called, showing another pair of K to beat Polk’s 10-10.

DNegs showed that he undoubtedly has a sixth sense for poker, which is one of the reasons he has continuously won at the game over the years. He said on Twitter that, before the match on Wednesday, he had written in his journal that he would pick up $218,000 that day. He not only reached his goal, but he added another $4,000 to his stack.

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