Coinbase crypto exchange suffers due to Amazon AWS problems

Coinbase crypto exchange suffers due to Amazon AWS problems

The reasons behind the lack of access to the exchange recently are now known

It would seem that, despite billions of dollars and a ton of tech support behind it, even Amazon is prone to technical glitches. Users of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase were frustrated this week when they began to experience problems accessing the platform, and the reason has now been identified. It seem Amazon’s AWS service suffered some type of major snafu that prevented Coinbase, and a long list of other companies, from working properly. The good news is that it seems the platform is now operating normally once again.

Coinbase posted yesterday that it was experiencing “elevated error rates on some backend systems” yesterday due to an “AWS service outage.” It explained to users that they might “encounter intermittent delays or errors while transacting, as well as accessing other parts of our applications. Customer support inquiries are also delayed.” At a time when crypto prices are fluctuating, not being able to access trading mechanisms or wallets is frustrating.

The outage didn’t affect only Coinbase. Adobe Spark, Flicker, several online news sites and more were hit and there were reports that entire portions of the Internet were taken offline. However, Coinbase has repeatedly suffered issues lately that have left users less than happy with the platform’s performance. It saw several outages last year and, between March and November of this year, it had nine separate incidents that caused outages or connection issues. As popular as Coinbase is, without a stable platform, it could end up being another example of “you’re never too big to fail.”

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