Advanced poker tips that will see immediate results

Advanced poker tips that will see immediate results

Improve your poker game and your skills by following a few simple tricks

Every Texas Hold’em player knows that a made hand is not necessarily a guarantee of a win. Even through the river, everything can change in an instant and more than a few players have lost major pots by being outed by a single card. Poker players have most likely heard the many bad beat tales, including one that saw trip Aces lose to a set of 7s when the river turned a fourth 7 for quads. However, these are unique circumstances that don’t happen very often. There are still plenty of ways to lead yourself to a win, even if you think you’re against the wall.

As always, position in Texas Hold’em is key. However, under the right conditions, a strong bluff can go a long way. If you’re sitting on virtually nothing but the board makes it seem like you could be holding a flush, run with it. Bluff your way to the win, especially if you’re not looking at any combination that might give your opponent a strong hand, like a straight, a full house, etc.

Check-raise for value and do it often, especially when your opponent is soft in each betting round. If you have two pair or better, or even top pair and a kicker, let your opponent take the lead and then lay the trip with a solid raise. It will have great results in the hand, and will also have your opponent thinking twice in subsequent hands.

If you have high pocket pairs or suited connectors, you already have more of an advantage in multiway pots. Statistics show that a suited Q-10 will pick up a strong flop or a draw more than 25% of the time. Be prepared to maximize the potential profit and draw in all players who are still in the hand.

If you have a strong hand preflop and your opponent doesn’t re-raise your raise, there’s a good chance you’re in a great position. A re-raise would have been an indication that he or she was holding top pair or AK and, if you are holding paint, you have the nut advantage. Overbet at this point because you have better odds of winning and, worst-case scenario, you might force your opponent to fold, capturing a nice pot.

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