ACR Show Episode Recap for November 16th

ACR Show Episode Recap for November 16th

Have you seen the new season of The Crown on Netflix? Don’t bother, because nothing beats the royalty you’ll witness watching the ACR Show. Justin Kelly and Michael Loncar are back with another 1 hour and 29 minutes of pure poker glory.

Here’s what happened on Monday, November 16th in case you missed it.

* In the Tournament Forecast, Loncar plays weatherman and runs through all the tournaments you really should be playing in, especially if you want to get hit with a blizzard of cash. See what we did there? We know, clever. They really should hire the guy writing this article to write for the ACR Show, though we can’t compete with “More Cowbell” (you’ll need to watch to see what we mean). And there’s a lot of cash to be won, especially with the upcoming MOSS, which Loncar has all the dirt on.

* The only thing better than a giveaway is the Super Awesome ACR Giveaway Time! segment. And Justin Kelly has a bunch of tourney tickets for players who are smart enough to tune in. If that’s not you, then make sure you tune in next week.

* It’s not just the ACR Sportsbook that’ll have you on the edge of your seat as players take the field. Justin Kelly invites players to bet on a 50-50 game with some pretty fantastic (or fantastically horrible) 8-bit graphics (or 4-bit if that’s even possible).

* The Torching Cash segment is back and if you want to see some pretty intense cash table action, this is the place to watch. The tables are on fire in this segment, so check it out.

* Who says rats are disgusting? Well, pretty much any normal person. But in You Dirty Rat, there’s a lot to love about rats, or Ratholes. See the 7 Day No Rathole tables for yourself in this segment and watch some pretty ridiculous pots hit the felt. We’re talking about bets running in the tens of thousands. Just a word of caution. Justin Kelly uses a cuss word in this one. Effing! Can you believe it? The horror!

All right, there’s so much more to tell you about in the ACR Show, but the real fun comes when you watch it for yourself. You can check out the recap here:


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