Understanding dead money strategies in Texas Hold’em

Understanding dead money strategies in Texas Hold’em

Dead money can mean different things, depending on how it’s used

The concept of dead money in poker can have many different meanings. Understanding the terminology will give poker players the ability to gauge how they make their moves as they work to take the next big pot.

The phrase dead money is often used to describe a bad player or to refer to chips you put in the pot when someone misses a blind and decides to make up for it. Dead money can mean an ante of even straddles. Depending on how it is used it can mean extra money in the pot, which can drive players toward to bet more as they raise or call the pot.

If you find yourself playing for a pot with dead money in Texas Hold’em, there are several strategies that can help you increase your chances of winning. Obviously, the dead money in the pot represents a risk as more players may want to stay in the game, but that enticing behavior also offers you a larger pot if you win. When that dead money is there, you’re going to make sure you stay in the hand. It doesn’t matter if there are limpers adding the pot, or an opponent making a small raise, take your chances and try to steal some blinds.

Another way to deal with a pot of dead money is to become more aggressive in your own strategy. When you spot some dead money, you should be making resteals or squeezing more often than ever as you have the opportunity to get some extra chips for your stack. You are looking to win over time, so don’t get so excited that you are playing a losing hand just because there is dead money. You don’t want to risk your over game just attempting to win a pot, dead money or not, that really shouldn’t have any chance of winning.

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