“Possible Reality” allows you to put your face in video games

“Possible Reality” allows you to put your face in video games

New technology allows gamers to become part of the action

Possible Reality is innovative software that allows you to put your face on a character in a video game or virtual world. Ryan Isbell, founder of Possible Reality, worked with lead developer Levon Ravel to develop the technology to be compatible across gaming and coding platforms, which would allow you to put your face on the character of your choice, using any photo of yourself, whether taken from a cell phone, webcam or other source. The two men say their goal is to let players enter into the games, where instead of playing as a video game character, gamers can become their own character.

“Our goal was to make it easy for both developers and gamers to add their faces inside of video games,” said Isabell in an interview with GamesBeat. “There is competition, but they focus on proprietary avatar models and cartoon faces. As gamers, we wanted to do this with existing game characters.”

The different configuration tools included allow gamers to change aspects of their appearance, so they become more immersed in the game, taking on the characteristics of an existing character. Virtually every aspect can be altered to convert the user into the game’s persona, and Isabell adds, “Once you start off with a good base, you can go nuts and customize some more. If I want to see myself more as that main character playing, like in Ghost Recon, then I can see myself as a badass soldier.”

There has been similar software introduced previously, but Possible Reality bills itself as a completely novel approach that takes things a step further, offering better rendition and performance. Based on the reception, this could be the next step in the evolution of video games, where gamers are completely emersed in the virtual world.

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