Hellmuth and Matusow expect Negreanu to beat Polk in grudge match

Hellmuth and Matusow expect Negreanu to beat Polk in grudge match

The poker greats are putting their money behind DNegs to beat Doug Polk in the upcoming game

Elite poker players Phil Hellmuth and Mike “The Mouth” Matusow are going all in and betting that Daniel Negreanu will defeat Doug Polk in their 25k hands, $200/$400 grudge match. Polk may be the favored to win since he is playing in his element, but Hellmuth and Matusow think DNegs will take out Polk, with Hellmuth looking to win $110,000 and Matusow to take in $40,000 if DNegs come through with the win. Polk and Negreanu put up $1 million each on WSOP.com.

“I get asked over and over again what people think my win rate will be in the challenge,” tweeted Polk, answering: “I have no idea, it isn’t really up to me.” William Hill bookmakers have Polk as the favorite at 1/7. Not everyone is willing to bet against Negreanu, who is regarded as one of the best poker players around. Fans will finally get to see who the better player is when their grudge match starts on November 1. While Negreanu has been playing online WSOP and has otherwise kept a low profile, Polk has been sharpening his poker play against big names like Phil Nagy, and Dan Alves.

With their grudge match starting this Sunday, we won’t have long to wait before the cards are dealt and the chips start changing hands. With the rivalry between Polk and DNegs well documented, things will be sure to heat up fast when they finally pull up to the table and put their poker skills to the ultimate test.

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