Gen.G take down the top-seed Sentinels in the Valorant First Strike qualifiers

Gen.G take down the top-seed Sentinels in the Valorant First Strike qualifiers

The eSports organization sweeps the top-seeded Sentinels on its way to the tournament

Gen.G did not have any trouble taking out the top-seed Sentinels 2-0 in their quarterfinal match and they move on to the semifinals. This was a shocker for fans of the favored Sentinels, who now will have to fight for a place in the UMG qualifiers. Gen.G has pulled off some impressive victories against teams like Serenity and XSET were impressive. But taking down one of VALORANT‘s giants should quiet all doubters.

Gen.G came was aggressive from the start and their coordination as a team help them take advantage of the many Sentinels errors. The Sentinels took the lead on the second map by winning both the pistol and eco rounds, but soon got rolled by Gen.G and never had a chance from that point on. Danny Huynh stared a rocket down with his Operator and not only was uninjured but got the kill. When Sentinels’ Jay “sinatraa” Won tried to entry Split’s B heaven with his Showstopper, HUYNH pulled off an Operator flick and tore out of there. The Jett player went on to take out two more players in that eighth round, and had his team’s high 18 when the match was over.

Sentinels fans had expected much more from the roster, and probably agree with Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan, who called the match a “sloppy day.” Star “sinatraa” who went completely berserk in the Pop Flash Ignition Series, finished with a mere 14/16/2 on the first map and 13/17/4 in the second one. Gen.G will face off against Envy in the semifinals. The quarterfinals continue with TSM set to play 100 Thieves, and Cloud9 Blue facing challenger The Slimy Boogermen.

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