Exploring common poker slang

Exploring common poker slang

You can talk like a poker pro even if you don’t have as much experience as others

Poker players use all kinds of you slang to reference the game and whether you’re playing online or in live games, you can only help your game by learning some of the most common slang. PokerDictionary.net is a great online site that can help you pick up and understand the slang being thrown around during the game. “Three-bet,” “continuation bet,” “donkey,” “squeeze play” or any other expressions used by the global poker playing community should be added to your vocabulary. This will also help you gain a better understanding of poker and its language.

Knowing common poker helps you understand what everyone is talking about during the game, as well as keeping them from identifying you as a new player and possible easy mark. One example is the slang term Donkey. The site defines it for your as, “a bad player called a donkey, where tournament that is full of donkeys or bad players is called a donkament.”

Another example is the term Limp, with the following entry, “To call the minimum amount required in the first betting round in order to continue in the hand. The minimum bet is the amount of the big blind. A final example of what the PokerDictionary.net helps to define for players is Snapcall, “to call a bet instantly without thinking cause the decision is usually pretty obvious.

Texas Hold’Em is a tough enough game to master for any player. Being up to read not only your opponent’s hand, but understand the slang they use is in your best interest. PokerDictionary.net offers a dictionary and glossary of more than 280 poker terms and is growing all the time. You can even ask the site to define a new slang word you don’t understand to bring your knowledge of the game up to speed.

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