Envy and Cloud9 Blue to face off in Valorant First Strike qualifier grand finals

Envy and Cloud9 Blue to face off in Valorant First Strike qualifier grand finals

The two eSports greats are set to see which is the better team next week

Team Envy and Cloud9 Blue will battle it out in the VALORANT First Strike North American qualifier. The team that is victorious in grand finals, will be the top seed in next week’s closed Nerd Street Gamers qualifier. Envy’s new roster is taking all comers in their first professional appearance since picking up former T1 pros Victor “food” Wong and Austin “crashies” Roberts, and has no problem making it through their bracket destroying Complexity and T1 in each other their qualifiers.

Anthony “mummAy” DiPaolo was an absolute monster as they went on to take out Gen.G, “mummAy” racked up 44 frags over two maps, while “food” registered 30 kills of his own. Envy was able to score second place in the Pop Flash Ignition Series with their previous team but was taken down by the Sentinels. Now, as the first-seed Sentinels were taken out by Gen.G in their quarterfinals match, they are starting to taste victory as only C9 stands in their way.

C9’s was able to overcome TSM but had to fight hard for the closely contested victory. C9 won Ascent without any major problems, Skyler “Relyks” Weaver landed a beautiful ace to close out the eighth round. Their match with Bind was far closer, as both teams battled all the way into overtime. In an incredible move, Oper lined up C9 players one-by-one for four clean kills.

TSM hung tough but ended up losing on the third map. C9 took control from the beginning but had to fight off a comeback attempt by TSM to finally take the match 13-11. Envy and C9’s will face off in the grand finals match to determine which team can declare victory in VALORANT’s First Strike and claim the top seen in the Nerd Street Games qualifier.

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