Dr. Disrespect finds respect with his own video game character

Dr. Disrespect finds respect with his own video game character

The “world champion” video gamer is now in Rogue Company

Dr. Disrespect has transformed into a video game character that fans can play as in the multiplayer shooter series Rogue Company.
Dr. Disrespect, the self-proclaimed two-time video game world champion, has definitely got game, now is now featured online character in the video game.

Dr. Disrespect has been planning his move to Rogue Company for a while now. In early August, a tweet from Dr. Disrespect to Rogue Company about designing his own map was taken as a challenge. Offed just 24 hours to lay out a basic design for his map, Dr. Disrespect presented a 3D model of his map titled “The Arena,” inspired by his own multi-million-dollar streaming headquarters, in just one week’s time. Dr. Disrespect and Rogue Company have revealed pieces of the map as teasers over the past two months. Today Rogue Company finally released Dr. Disrespect’s very own map.

The surprise of Dr. Disrespect as a playable character in Rogue Company is what is sure to drive interest among his many fans. The Doc posted the trailer for The Arena on his Twitter account, which featured a voice-over tour of The Arena’s by Dr. Disrespect himself. Dr. Disrespect’s character was revealed in the trailer, which fans of The Doc can purchase. The Arena map may seem familiar to players: from his gym, to the featured Lamborghini, The Arena will let players experience what it is to be Dr. Disrespect.

The Dallas outfit also comes equipped with some of The Doc’s most famous lines. Other games may have featured some of his weapon skins, but this is the first option where gamers can use the Dr. Disrespect Dallas option to become The Doc himself.

Big-name streamers have influenced games with branding in the past and fans love it. Dr. Disrespect featured as a fully playable video game character gives fan-favorite The Doc just a little more respect.

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