Americas Cardroom publishes in-depth Integrity and Security article

Americas Cardroom publishes in-depth Integrity and Security article

Americas Cardroom players come from all corners of the globe and are comprised of every race, religion, creed and gender. Players also come from every part of the political spectrum and let’s face it, there’s a lot of disagreement of opinion right now, especially for those in the US.

But there is one thing that all players 100% agree on – and that is demanding Integrity and Security from their online poker site.

We published a recent 2,000-word article on our website called “The Current State of Integrity and Security in Online Poker.” The biggest part of the article is to discuss online poker bots and what certain sites, like Americas Cardroom, are doing to vanquish them.

Poker bots have been around about just as long as online poker itself. And they have been a constant thorn in the side of the industry. But just like when you face a problem in your personal life, there are two options – put your head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist or face it straight on.

When it comes to dealing with online poker bots, you can definitely put Americas Cardroom in the latter category. We’ve developed processes like a new Google Captcha service in the poker client, forcing players to verify that they’re human in a certain amount of time. If players fail to do this, they are suspended and have to create a video session of them playing to get reinstated.

Arguably the biggest update we made is to frequently change our Graphics Table pixilation. This means Commercial Bot Companies have to continually do programming if they want their bots to keep working on Americas Cardroom. Most have deemed that too expensive and moved on to easier prey.

Finally, our last step in dealing with bots is developing a transparent and verifiable banned account policy. What this means is that when a bot is caught and banned, we publish all the details of the offending account(s) and pay back the affected players according to the policy rules.

The rest of the article goes outside the bot realm and covers key topics like other forms of cheating in online poker and what you need to look out for (if you are playing outside of Americas Cardroom or the Winning Poker Network).

We recommend giving the entire article a read, but if you’re too busy, it’s broken up into easy-to-read sections that you can pick and choose. Take a look at the entire article here.

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