A look at poker’s most famous trash-talkers

A look at poker’s most famous trash-talkers

Several poker pros are known as much for their table talk as they are for their skills

In poker, talking trash can throw your opponents off their game and help a player get himself pumped up for his own game. Whatever their reasons for doing it, a player can create a fan base and drive his fame at the same time. Pro sports stars are known for talking trash, and poker has its fair share also. Several have become famous for the practice and Tadas Peckaitis reports for casino.org on the most common poker trash-talkers.

Phil Hellmuth tops the list with his “If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time” attitude. No one tops the Poker Brat, although Tony G just loves to get under the skin of poker pros and will make fun of them and call them names.

Will Kassouf made this list for his play at the 2016 World Series of Poker, where he just wouldn’t shut up, ranting on and on, even when he got taken out with a demoralizing hand.

Jamie Gold seems to think himself the master of bluffing and trash-talking. Scotty Nguyen may seem like an enjoyable guy but give him a few too many drinks and he becomes overbearing and insulting.

Mike “The Mouth” Matusow earned his nickname by always being the loudest guy at the table. He is bound to drive everyone at the table crazy. Luke Schwartz can rub anyone the wrong way, as he is a showoff, annoying and loud, and puts off many a player sharing the table with him.

Ivan Freitez became famous for his angle shooting routine where would try to confuse his opponents by being loud and supposedly changing his mind. 10.

Scott Seiver is different from most other guys considered trash-talkers as his is more about the way he sits and breathes to throw off his opponents without saying a single word.

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