Wisconsin Assembly candidate asserts “cryptocurrency is money” in campaign fundraising

Wisconsin Assembly candidate asserts “cryptocurrency is money” in campaign fundraising

It may be moving slowly, but cryptocurrency continues to receive more support in the US

Across the US, there have been pockets of support for the use of cryptocurrency as an alternative to fiat for years. However, there has yet to be any widespread, mainstream acceptance like what is being witnessed in other countries around the world. This will change in the near future and the launch of the first-ever crypto bank by crypto exchange Kraken in the US is a good indicator that the shift is occurring. A politician in Wisconsin has proven to be a die-hard believer in the future of digital currency, and is willing to challenge authorities to show his support. Phil Anderson is accepting crypto campaign donations in his bid for a spot in the state’s Assembly, despite calls by a state regulator to halt the practice.

Anderson, according to his campaign details, is a real estate broker and entrepreneur who wants to be involved in politics. He is seeking campaign contributions from any source willing to back him, and has included a “Donate with Bitpay” option on his website. He asserts, “I refuse to give in to ignorance and bureaucratic incompetence[…] People have the choice as to how they contribute, and it’s my intention to honor those choices. If my opponent or the Ethics Commission [is] interested in challenging me, I’m ready for a fight.”

That statement is a result of a dispute Anderson had with officials in 2018, when he decided to run for governor of Wisconsin. At the time, like now, he was accepting crypto for campaign contributions, and the Wisconsin Ethics Commission tried to force him to stop the practice. The political aspirant challenged the commission at the time, and it was never able to offer a good excuse as to how it could stand in the way since Anderson abided by established disclosure regulations. With every step forward made like this, crypto is gaining the exposure it needs and will, before too much longer, be rightfully accepted as an alternative currency to fiat.

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