Trio of gaming companies join forces for an all-female eSports tournament

Trio of gaming companies join forces for an all-female eSports tournament

The For The Women Showdown just completed a successful inaugural run a few days ago

Three different organizations involved in the eSports industry have come together to launch the biggest tournament exclusively for female gamers. This initiative comes from Comcast’s Spectacor Gaming, Nerd Street Gamers and Riot Games, who hosted the For The Women (FTW) Showdown. This event was designed to embrace the diversity and inclusion of women in an industry that is experiencing major growth, and turned out to be a big success.

This is a historic move from these three gaming companies, who have raised the bar by allowing women to have an ideal space for competitive eSports play. This tournament was a three-day, all-female, virtual esports tournament with a $50,000 prize pool, the highest one ever offered for an all-women event. The competition centered on the first-person shooter game Valorant, which launched back in June. “We want to showcase all the female talent out there to normalize female gamers in hopes to have more co-ed teams and tournaments,” said Meredith Weber, co-founder of FTW, prior to the event.

This tournament took place from September 11-13. A total of 12 teams from the North American region competed online in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers who were cheering them on via broadcasts on Twitch. “We’re thrilled with the community’s response to FTW’s first tournament,” said Tucker Roberts, president of Spectacor Gaming and Philadelphia Fusion. “This event proved that there’s a huge demand for more women’s tournaments.” In the beginning, FTW Summer Showdown was a one-day event with a $10,000 prize; however, Riot made the decision to expand the reach of this event, as well as the prize, by making FTW one of the events included in its popular Ignition Series.

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