The 2020 Overwatch League announces its season MVP

The 2020 Overwatch League announces its season MVP

Fleta gets recognition for his continued outstanding performances

The Shanghai Dragons eSports team currently participating in the Overwatch League (OWL) has been moving along brackets during this 2020 season and soon will face the Philadelphia Fusion to continue its way towards championship. Even though it is all about teamwork, it is no secret that there are players who have special talents and whose contributions become essential for the results their rosters are getting. That is why the OWL gives recognition to the most valuable player (MVP) throughout the season, and this year this title is going to the Shanghai Dragons flex DPS Kim “Fleta” Byung-sun.

Fleta is an adaptive player who has a varied hero pool that he feels comfortable using; he is currently fifth in Final Blows (1084), Final Blow-to-Death ratio (2) and Eliminations (2529) this season. He joined the Dragons after leaving Seoul Dynasty before this season kicked off, and the Dragons went on to finish first in the league, amassing a 27-2 record, which sent them straight into the Grand Finals weekend out of the Asia Bracket. Then, this same roster defeated the Dynasty and New York Excelsior, and are now awaiting the match against Philadelphia Fusion.

Throughout his career, Fleta’s clutch play and the high percentage of kills he collects in every game got him the name of an in-game statistic “Fleta Deadlift,” which is used to describe the action when a player earns over half of their team’s final blows on a map. Along with the recognition, the MVP also gets an in-game skin for the hero he used the most during the present season. For instance, 2018 MVP Bang “JJonak” Sung-hyeon got a Zenyatta skin, while Jay “sinatraa” Won received a Zarya skin for his 2019 MVP efforts. For Fleta, though, there are plenty of options as he doesn’t stick to just one hero and Tracer, Mei, Echo, Genji, Reaper and Torbjorn were used multiple times during the season.

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