Texas Hold’em satellite strategies that will help achieve better results

Texas Hold’em satellite strategies that will help achieve better results

Satellite poker tournaments are a great way to enter big-ticket games for little money

The good thing about poker is that every single type of game can have its own strategy to improve the action and find success. Given that Texas Hold’em is the most popular type of poker out there, there are plenty of satellites being offered to access more pricey events, and, if played correctly, they can really get you places. The best part about playing a satellite is that it doesn’t matter what result you have, as long as you end inside of the bubble, because all players will get the same reward, which is an entry to another event.

When playing a satellite, you don’t need to worry about building up your chip stack or planning strategies to get rid of each player at the table. In satellites, usually, 10% of the contenders who register for the events end up in cash places, so a good strategy during the early stages of the tournament can guarantee your success. As simple as it sounds, things might still go wrong, so having a good strategy to apply comes in handy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these events usually attract weak poker players on a major basis. This situation gives you more opportunities to succeed; however, even a weak player calls for some strategy. During satellites, the early stages count for most of the tournament, which differs from regular events. During this phase, your focus should be on building up your stack in order to have some security by the time the bubble is coming closer. It is better to engage in regular action rather than just wait for the premium hands to participate. You can play smart and aggressive from the very first hand. Having a good stack before the bubble breaks basically assures your victory.

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