How to create better strategies for poker Turbo Sit & Gos

How to create better strategies for poker Turbo Sit & Gos

Learn how to make adjustments to Sit & Go action to improve the number of wins

Turbo tournaments can come in the form of multi-table events or as a sit & go, and they are basically faster versions of a normal game of poker. In these tournaments, the speed is increased by reducing the duration of each level, which is normally 15-20 minutes long. These events, however, are designed to last between 5-10 minutes each blind, so they tend to be more complicated because you need to think faster as everything happens in a blink of an eye. The good thing is there are a number of good strategies to be used on any type of event, including turbo tournaments.

The fact that the time for each level is dramatically reduced means that the game will have more variance. The biggest difference when playing these types of events is that it becomes a lot easier to either win or lose an important number of buy-ins. For instance, when playing turbo heads-up tournaments, players will be forced to play at an even faster pace as the action goes from one player to another. So, if you have already played short-handed or full ring turbo games, it is a lot easier to transition into playing even faster events like Sit & Gos and heads-up competitions.

These games are particularly good for those players who enjoy mini tournaments that won’t have them sitting for hours, sometimes spending a whole day trying to make it to the money. One thing to consider is that you must be ready to react quickly to all-ins from the very beginning of the game. For instance, a turbo MTT event means that you need to start getting rid of several players as soon as possible, but in Sit & Gos the approach is more like a hit and run. The best players who master this type of game know that there are moments to take a chance, although it can also backfire.

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