eSports personality accused of cheating at online poker

eSports personality accused of cheating at online poker

Fredo Kruse has been called out for using helper software while playing high-stakes games

Technological advancements have allowed different tools to be developed that can be used to enhance one’s poker game; however, not all tools are allowed to be used, as they might give unfair advantages to players. This week, a high-profile online poker player and eSports personality was accused of cheating at online cash games, according to a report made in a TwoPlusTwo post by a couple of his former roommates. Fedor Kruse is being accused of using real-time assistance (RTA) software, which he kept running on a different computer than the one he was using to play online poker games. Kruse is known not only for playing poker, but also for being a popular Call of Duty streamer who transitioned to poker after 2015.

According to his roommates, Kruse would use this tool when playing different hands in which he would pull out an applicable pre-solved spot and follow the decision tree suggested by the software, allowing him to always make game-theory optimal decisions. These kinds of solvers are strictly prohibited at online poker sites, and to back up their accusation, his roommates, identified as “Manuel” and “Niklas,” provided evidence, such as screenshots of their conversations with Kruse and pictures of his home setup using several screens. The photos show three monitors set up at a grind station. On one monitor, there are four online poker tables open on two different online poker sites, while the side monitor shows a solver in use with the river dealt out.

The screenshots, however, provided additional information on the issue. One of them shows a WhatsApp message in which Kruse – appearing as “YoUtUbE sTaR” – sends a hand history in which he calls down with two pairs on a four-flush board during a $5/$10 No-Limit Hold’em game. “I’m curious what you say about it,” the sender says in German. “Was gambled with solver anyway,” says the response. So far, there has been no response from Kruse regarding the accusations.

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