Electronic Arts looks to move away from Origin with new desktop app

Electronic Arts looks to move away from Origin with new desktop app

EA wants to raise the stakes as digital video game distribution gains in popularity

The game developer Electronic Arts has been working on separating from anything that has to do with EA Access and the digital distribution platform Origin, which is happening thanks to the launch of the EA Play Desktop app. This is not new; the company rebranded EA Access and the basic Origin Access subscription services back in August, which is now known as EA Play. However, this additional move seems to have come to improve the past version of EA experiences by launching one common brand. The company stated that this new app has been improved with faster download speeds and multiple updates on every game that belongs to the company.

Besides the upgrade to the games, EA also announced that this desktop app will offer a hub for any player with EA Play subscription to connect with friends, no matter the platform – it doesn’t matter if it is the $5 base service or the premium $15 EA Play Pro. EA senior vice president Mike Blank said in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz that these changes are designed to “create a more frictionless, fast, socially-oriented experience for our players, where it becomes the best place for them to connect with the people they want to play within the games they want to play.”

With this move, players have one more option to play EA games, which currently can be done on Steam, as the company launched several of its games on this distribution service that is sort of a rival over the summer. EA Play is also coming as part of Xbox Game Pass in a couple of months when the new gaming console hits the market, so players can get both benefits without the need of paying more.

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