Beginner Tips to playing in progressive knockout tourneys

Beginner Tips to playing in progressive knockout tourneys

Our $50 Million MOMOMO PKO series is just over a week old and it’s been a huge knockout so far!

We have a $1 Million GTD tourney every Sunday though October 18th. The first of the six was last Sunday (September 13th) and finished with a $1,074,000 prize pool. Then on Friday, October 23rd comes Day 1A of our $5 Million GTD event.

In case you don’t know, a progressive knockout is a type of tournament where bounties snowball every time someone gets knocked out. When taking down a target, the player who dealt the blow gets 50% of the target’s bounty. And the other half is added to the bounty of the winning player. That means the bounties continue to get bigger and bigger as the tourney progresses!

Here are three common beginner tips you should be aware of:

Tip 1

Listen to the advice your mother gave you and don’t be late! Simply put, when you register late for a Progressive Knockout tourney, you can never win the bounties that have already been won. Blinds tend to go up faster in PKO tournaments so coming in late will put you at a serious disadvantage against your competitors.

Tip 2

Many players fall into the trap of playing tighter than they need to early in a PKO tournament. There is still a lot of incentive to knock out players early and collect those bounties.  The advantage of building a stack early – so you can afford to take on shorter stacks to up your bounty count – can’t be overstated.

Tip 3

Conversely, during the late stages of a PKO tournament when those higher bounties are on the line, many players fall into the trap of playing looser than they should. This is especially true if going against players who haven’t collected many bounties. The risk vs. reward ratio may not be worth taking them on as opposed to a player who has a bigger price on their head.

Enjoy getting those bounties and racking up cash in the $50 Million MOMOMO PKO!


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