Apple makes excuses in denying Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate access to the App Store

Apple makes excuses in denying Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate access to the App Store

The real reason for Apple’s game-playing is blatantly anti-competitive

Microsoft is preparing for the launch of its video game streaming service, Game Pass Ultimate (GPU), which comes with a built-in library and is scheduled to go live on September 15. The launch, though, is being tainted by a couple of uncertain situations and Apple’s confusing policies for the App Store services. GPU is supposed to allow players to have access to a Netflix-like library of games, which can be played on any console, smartphone or tablet, where everything will be paired. However, due to strange policies for its own App Store, Apple won’t allow the service for either iPhone and iPad.

Last month, an Apple spokesperson referred to this matter by saying that the main issues are that Apple is not able to review each of the games that are available through GPU. “Before [the apps] go on our store, all apps are reviewed against the same set of guidelines that are intended to protect customers and provide a fair and level playing field to developers,” explained the spokesperson. In other words, given that Microsoft operates in a similar way to Netflix or Spotify, it would have to submit every single game to Apple’s review process, which is time-consuming. This process also involves implementing in-game purchases through the Apple store and a few other features that can become quite a hassle.

Ultimately, the reason Microsoft gave does not seem to make much sense, considering that services like Netflix and Spotify are also available without Apple reviewing every song or movie in the App Store. So, it is hard to understand what could be different between a video game and a movie streaming service; however, Apple says that, because they are interactive, unlike music and film, consumer expectations are different. Expectations may be different, but this doesn’t have anything to do with content. This is nothing more than a case of Apple not wanting to provide access for its own selfish reasons.

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