ACR Show Episode Recap for Wednesday, September 23rd

ACR Show Episode Recap for Wednesday, September 23rd

September is fast coming to an end but the $50 Million GTD MOMOMO PKO continues to stay hot. Did you know there’s another $1 Million PKO tourney this Sunday?

Our famous PKO series is just one of the subjects you’ll hear about in our ACR Show. This runs live on Twitch three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) at 3pm ET. You can also catch each episode on demand if you missed it.

The ACR Show is your 1-stop-shop for tournament results, hand recaps and event previews. Plus, you can get rewarded if you watch live with the sweet giveaways.

So without further adieu, here’s the highlights of the Wednesday, September 23rd episode:

The live stream started with ACR Pro Michael Loncar previewing the day’s tournaments. He lets everyone know which ones are his favorites, including the weekly $70,000 GTD that takes place at 2pm ET. The special $100,000 MOMOMO PKO event at 3:30pm ET was also mentioned to the surprise of no one.

Host Justin Kelly then comes back with the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner segment. He recaps all the players who are now flush with cash after some of the recent tourneys. Watch it all here

Kelly then does his very popular Spin to Win segment where players choose Red or Black on Roulette with the chance to win $25. See all the action here

* In the Torching Cash section, Justin focuses on the biggest recent cash game hands. You absolutely don’t want to miss this. Check it out

* In the You Dirty Rat segment, the biggest 7 Day No Rathole Table hands are featured. See exactly what we’re talking about here

* Finally, what many of you have been waiting for. Of course, we’re talking giveaways with our Marbles Mania. This is definitely saving the best for last. See it here

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