Elderly casino patron robbed at gunpoint

Elderly casino patron robbed at gunpoint

A 72-year-old gambler is attacked in the parking lot of the JACK Cleveland Casino

Casinos and the surrounding areas seem to be the preferred locations for criminals to commit robberies. A 72-year-old casino patron was robbed at gunpoint recently while he was in the parking lot of the JACK Cleveland Casino in Ohio, according to police. They have identified the perpetrator as Abraham Ahiagbedey, 26, who now has to respond for aggravated robbery. He is not in police custody yet and the authorities have issued a warrant for his arrest. There have been several felonies of this type committed to casino premises and visitors since the gambling industry came back to business.

Ahiagbedey is now facing an accusation of having stolen $2,000 in cash and the cellphone of his target. The event took place at around 9 PM on July 25 and the septuagenarian victim, whose name has not been released, told police that he exited the casino and started walking toward his car, which was located on the second floor of the garage.
He was attacked when he was inside his car when someone entered and robbed him of his belongings by forcing his way into the vehicle.

The police report states that Ahiagbedey pointed a gun at the man and forced him to hand over the money while he threatened his life. He then took the man’s wallet from his front pocket and a cell phone that was sitting on the front seat of the car. Ahiagbedey said to the man to “leave now before I kill you,” so he drove towards the valet parking and asked him to call the police.

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