Joe Rogan shows he has no understanding of the importance of video games

Joe Rogan shows he has no understanding of the importance of video games

The MMA commentator and podcaster has harsh words for the gaming community

The American comedian, podcast host and mixed martial arts color commentator, Joe Rogan, had a lot to say about video games, and it wasn’t exactly a good thing. He has been one of the Internet’s hot topics due to recent remarks he made on his podcast saying that video games are just a “waste of time” for players and that a person can’t achieve anything by playing them.
Perhaps his experience is one-sided, as he used to be an avid player of games like NBA 2K and Quake Champions where he would spend 12 hours per day playing. He has described his experience with gaming as an addiction, which only explains why he is confusing the actual importance of video games with his own personal experience.

Regardless of his reasons, many people were upset about the comment he lashed out, and several of his listeners – many of them who are gamers themselves – have been commenting on social media about the validity of Rogan’s words. “Video games a real problem. You know why?
Because they’re f***ing fun. You do them, and they’re real exciting, but you don’t get anywhere,” wrote Rogan in a tweet.

The truth of the matter is that video games are a professional activity. Besides being entertaining, there are people following career paths and doing what they love in activity centered around gaming. There are plenty of related activities that a video game enthusiast can dedicate themselves to, like video game journalist, games artist, animator, designer, software developer, play tester, coach, etc. In addition to that, video games have some beneficial effects like helping improve a player’s dexterity, problem-solving skills, and overall mental health.

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