Poker players unhappy as removes chat function

Poker players unhappy as removes chat function

No explanation was given as the poker site takes away players’ ability to talk with each other

No one likes changes when things are running fine unless they are designed to improve things. When change happens, though, it’s always nice for people to be notified. That’s exactly the opposite of what happened this weekend at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) online bracelet series when the site seemingly made the decision to remove the chat feature from the tables but didn’t give any notice. Now, fans are unhappy about how WSOP handles things, especially because there was no update given about why the function was removed, or if it is a long-term decision.

With the WSOP online series already underway, this news comes as a huge disappointment for players. The chat function at the tables allowed players to talk to one another, just like in a real game.
Now, it seems like players will not be able to communicate while playing, and some fans even argued that it will have a negative impact on the experience participants were expected to have.

The missing chat feature was not taken lightly by poker players who took their voice to social media over the weekend to complain. It is uncertain if the site decided not to answer any questions purposely or if they missed something, but the truth is that WSOP didn’t give any reasons to players as to why this function was unavailable. Some players were told that it was a “managerial decision,” which basically means that the chat function might not be coming back anytime soon to games. Also, the support service from the site admitted that they don’t know for how long the function would be down for; some of them even said it was for an indefinite time.

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