Player on GGPoker busted for using bots to cheat

Player on GGPoker busted for using bots to cheat

The player reportedly earned over $500,000 scamming through the artificial players

With the increased traffic that every online poker site is experiencing, cheating and committing fraud is likely to happen more frequently. The poker community has been reeling from accusations of sites seeing massive bot usage and, apparently, an alleged cheat might have created a $500,000 profit for himself using bots on GGPoker.

Andy Wilson is a pro player who has been playing on online poker sites lately because of the COVID-19 situation. He detailed the problem on Twitter, stating, “Russian community member TylerRM has accused a recent twitch streamer ‘littlepoker’ ( of being assisted in the 500 ABI games on GG/Party and, via his own screenshot the group of usernames under which he plays seem to have accrued half a million in profit.”

Added to that, another pro player, Patrick Leonard, went lashed out about the current situation due to personal experience on GGPoker, “This is [the] biggest threat to online poker. @GGPokerOfficial he shows his screen name cheating here, linking account and finding out real name and all sites working together and shutting this down collectively is crucial. Confiscate full account balances.”

These players have been presenting evidence to support accusations, such as abnormal win rates and senseless profits. For now, it is not clear if the cheaters are using real-time solving software empowered by AI or are using pre-solved data in real-time; however, the effects are dreadful for the everyday regular pro players and the recreational ones. Actually, one of the major issues raised was whether the fact that this site is making hand histories unavailable, which might be helping the cheaters more, rather than doing something to protect the playing community at large.

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