New Orleans Saints strength coach discusses the science behind the exercise

New Orleans Saints strength coach discusses the science behind the exercise

Dan Dalrymple breaks down how he manages his training programs for the Saints

New Orleans Saints’ strength and conditioning coach Dan Dalrymple has been working efficiently since the coronavirus pandemic started, combining art and science to keep players in shape. The science part is perhaps the easiest part, at least for Dalrymple, who has been using Microsoft Excel to craft quite a modifiable training platform for his players. He also has adapted quite well to the way the pandemic changed the way everything operates during this spring and now summer.

Using Excel, Dalrymple built a training schedule for players to follow during the stay at home period, which includes quality pulldown menus that can be adapted to whatever equipment the players have at their disposal. The art part is with what Dalrymple had struggled the most, especially because he hasn’t been able to be there to provide feedback during the sessions, which has forced him to adapt to the new conditions. “The whole idea of the communication, the different technologies that are available and things like that, it was a big adjustment for us,” Dalrymple said. “But I think we did as good a job as could be done with the situation that we’re under.”

Dalrymple said that, even though things did change, it was nothing he couldn’t handle with the use and help of some more information. He and his staff have been reaching out to players to understand their individual situation; for instance, if the player has access to a gym facility or if perhaps he has a gym at home with bodyweight and resistance bands – all that changes the coach’s recommendations.

Once he has the information, he can go to Excel and get things moving. “I put together a workout that had some drop-down lists and some categories, some different things you could do — barbells, dumbbells, exercise bands, cables — so guys could tailor the workout a little bit,” Dalrymple said. “[Bodyweight] stuff, different variations for every exercise we did, so a guy could look through that and say, ‘I could do this.'”

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